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Like many other men, I have done a variety of trades in life. As a young man, I entered the USAF and completed a course in ground radio (electronics). Subsequently, I worked at a steel mill; fished with the San Diego tuna fleet; and performed as lead singer/guitarist in a band. Eventually I married, started a family, and for 16 years successfully operated a painting /paperhanging business.
For the past 17 years, thermodynamics and appliance repair have captured my attention. I have completed major courses in appliance repair, commercial/domestic refrigeration, heating and air conditioning at Baystate School of Technology and N.E. Institute of HVAC/R. I am NATE certified in both Heat-pump and Gas Furnace repair. I have also been employed by Maytag, Whirlpool and Sears.
As owner of Accu-Tek, I offer courteous, personal, and professional service. I am honest, dependable, and experienced. I strive to keep my skills current by attending seminars, and training courses relating to all aspects of my business.
Policy Statement: In the unlikely event that ACCU-TEK does not fix the problem you will receive a 100% refund.


N.E. Institute HVAC/R
Baystate School of Technology


NATE Gas Furnace 9259898
NATE Heat-pump
EPA Section 608 0445019371102
EPA Section 609 9594FD9831D994681
EPA-HVAC/R 410A 6646A054609E94681
Gasfitter's Lic. # GFE0802849
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