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Guaranteed Warranty

Service Pricing

Service Call (includes diagnostic and trip fee) $129.00 (Appliance)
$159.00 (Heating and A/C)

A/C Tune-Ups $159.00
Gas Furnace (winterize) $199.00
Combustion Analysis $199.00

  • WARRANTY: Guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction
  • All installed parts: Guaranteed One Year
  • All related labor: Guaranteed 90 days
  • Make sure your circuit breakers are in the ON position
  • Make sure your filters are clean
  • Make sure supply and return vents are unobstructed
  • Make sure your thermostat is on and calling for either COOL or HEAT

Contact us at 603-490-3473 to learn about our warranties.

Serving Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts

Call us today at 603-490-3473.
Serving Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts
ACCUTEK, Appliances Major Service & Repair, Pelham, NH